Hollow Out Dress Swimsuit Cover Up


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Embrace a boho-inspired beach style with this hollow-out dress swimsuit cover-up. The intricate cut-out details add a unique charm, allowing your swimsuit to subtly peek through while maintaining an air of sophistication. The mini dress silhouette creates a playful yet chic appearance, perfect for casual beach days or lounging by the pool. It’s designed for those who want a relaxed yet stylish cover-up that complements any swimwear choice.

The batwing sleeves contribute to the relaxed vibe, providing plenty of room for movement and adding a flowing silhouette to the dress. This feature, combined with the hollow-out details, offers a breezy feel that keeps you cool even during hot summer days. The casual elegance of the boho-inspired design makes it ideal for a variety of beach activities, from strolling along the shore to enjoying a sunset cocktail at a beachside bar.

The hollow-out dress cover-up is designed to be comfortable and lightweight, making it easy to wear over any swimsuit. The airy construction ensures breathability, while the mini dress length gives it a modern and youthful edge. Slip it on for a simple yet stylish way to transition from the pool to a casual dinner or beach party. With its unique details and relaxed fit, this cover-up is a must-have addition to your summer wardrobe.


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