See-through Long Robe Swimsuit Cover Up


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Make a bold statement at the beach with this see-through long robe swimsuit cover-up, a striking addition to your swimwear collection. This robe’s sheer design creates a sense of elegance and allure, allowing your swimsuit to peek through while providing coverage as you lounge poolside or stroll along the shore. The long sleeves and flowing silhouette add to its dramatic effect, making it perfect for those who want to turn heads wherever they go.

Adding to its unique style, this robe features faux feather details on the hem and cuffs, giving it a playful and luxurious touch. These fluffy accents add texture and movement to the robe, creating a whimsical feel as you move. This cover-up is perfect for those who want to stand out and add a bit of glamour to their beach ensemble.

The long length of this robe offers ample coverage while maintaining a lightweight feel, keeping you cool even on hot summer days. Its open-front design makes it easy to throw on over your swimsuit, whether you’re heading to the beach or relaxing by the pool. With its unique combination of sheer fabric and faux feather details, this robe is sure to become a standout piece in your summer wardrobe.






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